Started in 1992 by Marelize de Rooy, Greenacres is privately owned, administered and organised using the Barkly House philosophy. Based on Christian principles, we seek to build up trust and mutual respect between staff, children, parents and the community. We are registered with the Department of Education as a private, fee paying day school, dependent for its continuity on parental fees and donations. Greenacres also complies with all the Early Childhood Development requirements as presribed by the Department of Social Services.

The Barkly House belief is that during the first 2 years of a baby's life, the child relies on instinct, but thereafter it is up to the parents and teachers to encourage the natural love of learning inherent in every child from birth.
We have a diverse range of daily activities - morning special time, news time, music & movement, art, puzzle building and games. Midmorning snacktime is followed by free play and story time.
School finishes at 12.30pm and those staying for aftercare have a full hearty cooked meal and a nap (if needed).

Every term we are privileged to get a visit from an important community member, for example:
- Firemen, in their fire engine, demonstrate the hoses and siren.
- Policemen arrive with 'Captain Crime Stop' whom the kids adore.


As parents, we know that you want the best for your child. What follows are the four foundations of our ethos:

More about the Barkly House method can be found at www.barklyhouse.org.za

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