Our teachers are professionally qualified and experienced.

Their aim is to encourage a child's spontaneous desire to learn in an environment which will stretch the child's mind and stimulate his/her natural curiosity.
The teachers therefore give direction, and constantly observe and encourage, never being critical or negative about a child's effort, but rather help the child to help him/herself.

Our headmistress, Marelize, studied at Barkly House for four years, which included remedial teaching and child psychology.

  marelize mandm
  Marelize de Rooy
Marcy Angus
School Manager
  Janine AmyC AnnaM annzia
  Janine de Long Amy Coulsen Anna Moses Annzia Vigis
  TrishaN ClairF PamH ChipoM
  Trisha Ngorima Clair Fairley Pam Horwill Chipo Muyambo
  GillD Althea Ruth Madson
  Gill de Villiers Althea Jacobs Ruth Clayton Medson