Greenacres Pre-Primary

Our Classroom Enviroment

The Barkly House classroom is specially designed with child-sized furniture, to encourage comfort and independence. The apparatus is easy to handle and the child can work alone with success. This helps to develop a healthy self-image, critically important to future learning. The child becomes an active learner, choosing his or her activities and pace. Creativity is allowed to develop in this way.
The child is free to discover his/her limit, building both body and mind. The classroom is divided into specific areas which promote specific developmental skills.

The house corner

This area is a small version of a house, with a kitchen, including a stove, cupboards, cups and saucers, pots and pans, ironing board and iron etc. Here the child develops his/her own games with his/her own rules.

The book corner

This area can be used throughout the day.The child learns to respect books and the written word.


Story time

Story time is held at the end of the day, and is a relaxing, winding down time for an otherwise very busy pre-schooler.


The educational corner

This consists of various educational games and puzzles. These games are readily available and the child can help him/herself to any of the equipment.

The art area

This area is extensive and provides the opportunity to work daily in many mediums, including painting, drawing, clay, dough, collage, cutting and sticking. In the main activity the larger muscles are used to design a work of art! Creativity, attention span, eye-hand co-ordination are only a few skills developed


In contrast to the structured indoor environment, a well equipped playground provides opportunities to develop gross motor skills. Imagination is encouraged by providing the child with equipment which can be used in a creative way. Experimentation is encouraged with water and sand play.

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Our class Structure

Greenacres traditionally has 4 classes with a maximum capacity of 18 children per class, except our Baby Room which has a maximum of 12 children.

The Beautiful Butterflies

Our well-equipped baby class is a warm, happy, and nurturing space for our youngest children during their formative months. Within an intimate and restful environment, babies are given the opportunity for stimulation and development through planned activities and age-appropriate equipment.

In our dedicated sleep room, babies relax and sleep in their cots and bedding. We aim to provide complete peace of mind for parents: babies are continuously monitored by caring, professional staff who ensure comfort and safety at all times

The Funky Frogs

Our Funky Frogs class is a cheerful, spacious environment full of potential and discovery for children of up to three years. The appealing equipment and introduction to a structured day are designed to reflect the evolving needs and interests of children in this age group.

A cosy area provides a place where children can relax and enjoy stories and songs with their friends. In other parts of the room, different areas facilitate learning through creative play. Inspiration and sensory experience comes alive in the messy corner; in the role-play area children test their imaginations and explore ideas while the construction area develops good co-ordination through fun and satisfying activities

The Dazzeling Dragonflies

As they grow, children continue their exciting journey of discovery while developing a growing sense of independence. Our Dragonfly class is designed with this in mind, valuable communication skills and a positive sense of self-esteem are developed through activities such as daily circle time, when the children sit and share their own experiences and ideas. The teachers provide appealing sensory and creative zones that invite curious minds to investigate and explore. Throughout a structured and stimulating day, the children explore creatively through activities including sand-and-water play, storytelling, music and movement, puzzles and painting, fine motor activities as well and life skill lessons which all fall under a different theme each week

The busy Bees

Our Busy Bee class environment prepares children for school through a more structured routine. Within our lovely, well-proportioned classroom, children start to increase their concentration skills and learn to work in small groups. The classroom provides children with the facilities to develop their confidence and decision-making skills while establishing and building relationships. During child-led circle times, children are encouraged to share their learning and experience with their friends. As well as instilling the children with a sense of pride, these activities enhance their personal and social development.

At this stage, we focus further on the seven areas of learning. These are: physical development; personal; social and emotional development, communication and language; literacy, expressive arts and designs; understanding of the world and mathematics. These all serve to prepare our children for the next step in their learning experience once they leave Greenacres Pre-Primary to go to a big school.